About Her : Emily Grace

Hello there! I'm Emily.

I am a young woman,seeking to find my place in this loud,crazy world.
I am a daughter of the King. I found my peace through the promise that my soul is anchored in Christ.
I rest in His promises,and I find my value in His love. 
I have been behind a camera ever since I was old enough to work one. Words don't always come easy,and when they don't,I turn to photographs. I am an aspiring artist,trying to learn to let go of all my inhibitions and simply create. Taking photos is my souls therapy. I don't mind hiding behind my camera in crowds. I prefer to be behind the scenes. I get to see what others overlook. I capture those moments that will never be again. To me it is not about making a pretty picture. My job is to show others the beauty that is already there. I want people to see that beauty,to see the world the way I see it. That is my purpose. That is where my passion burns. 
I am a coffee nut. I wasn't always such an avid coffee drinker,but it is hard to live in my house without being one. My brother has been drinking black coffee since he was 15! Despite this,plus my passionate love for baked goods,(show me the cookies!) I am a fruit lover. Peaches and strawberries have my heart. 
I am a fan of old television shows. I Love Lucy and Dick Van Dyke are at the top of my list. I was probably born in the wrong century. I love anything old,vintage,or antique. 
I am a fan of simple. I love that sleepy time of morning before the sun has shown her face. Thunderstorms are calming to me. I would rather read than watch tv,(most of the time.) 
I prefer to be in the background. I like to sit in the back and observe everything. So if you ever see me sitting alone in the back of a coffee shop,or in the back window of the library,I assure you that I am absolutely happy. 
This is me. This blog is my living diary. 
This is my place to document who I am,and all that I want to be.
Please go ahead and click around. I hope you feel like a friend here. 

So do stick around for awhile! 


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